Imagine- a whole page, just to keep track of all the copyright infringements I’ve made in the proud name of self-promotion.

The template I’ve used for this blog is a standard wordpress template and freely available here.

The image for my blog header is the November 24th 2003 map of the internet, created by the Opte project.

The font I have used is called “04b24“, was created by Yuji Oshimoto and is available here.

I try to source photographs and images from Flickr so that I’m able to give accreditaion. It also almost always has better pics 🙂

If you want a manga-fied (well, manga-fied-ish) pic for your avatar, go here.

All of the words came from my head, but that doesn’t mean they’re mine, so if I’ve plagarised your ideas somehow let me know.

Thanks for reading.