I apologise for the lack of posting over the last 10 days or so.

I have got pretty good excuses (I’ve been moving house, which has been a 24-hour concern for the last few days,  and I currently have no internet connection), but they don’t count for much when your last post signs off with a cheery  ‘see you tomorrow’ and a smiley face.

So I over-promised and underdelivered – a pretty common and basic misdemeanour that comes with the blogging territory as I understand it.

Anyway, to prove I have some shred of integrity, I will finish the series of Lost-related posts (the new series has already started with a bang btw – who expected to see the ‘big boss’ turn up as a snotty youth on the wrong end of a drubbing by the Lockemeister?) and will try to resist rash declarations about impending installments in future.

I am sorry.

In other news, the Tellier gig I went to instead of watching the Lost series opener was awesome. Here is an appalling photo I took myself:


His sound so perfectly captures the promise of the 1980’s – not just the syths and the phase shifted guitar solos but the drama and the overblown significance of every chord change.

Whilst the whole thing is deliciously ironic it’s also sincere and yearning at the same time- an affectionate ribbing that becomes an embrace. That whole Daft Punk thing, the blurring of the line between parody and homage, wide-eyed sincerity and knowing wink is something I really like – because they’re actually both just points on a continuum of appreciation and because I remember the era they fetishize well myself.

Anyway, the gig was great because whilst the music achieved some of the brooding, melodramatic and overblown qualities of some truly great ’80s moments- I’m thinking of Near Dark and Precinct 13 here- it also totally recalled this for me:

which is quite something.

More proper posting in the near future.